Selection of BodyTherm wrap bundles, attachment bundles, EMS pad and lead bundles and strap bundles.

By inspecting the individual needs of our clients, we have established a collection of bundles for you to choose from based on the machines you are using. Each bundle is designed to cater to the usage of one of our world leading slimming machines. Designed to be used along with one of our machines from the Professional Body range, our Strap Bundle and EMS Pad and Lead Bundle ensures preparedness when utilising the machines in a salon environment.  In the same way, the Electro-Facial Attachment Bundles are designed to be used with our Professional Body range as an additional attachment for facial EMS treatments. Promote neatness and aesthetic with our Trolley and Rack options to store your equipment on and reduce clutter. It also serves to maximise efficiency when the machines are in use by making everything easily accessible and in one place.