Do EMS treatments really work?

For over 40 years our customers have reported fantastic results and have kept coming back to us to purchase more machines as they expand their slimming salons and gyms.

How often should I use the machine to get the best results?

We recommend three treatments per week, preferably every alternative day.

What other products can I use to break down cellulite in conjunction with the EMS machine?

Our 24 Pad Professional Duo machines provide a combination of EMS treatments as well as the BodyTherm Heat wrap treatment, providing a very effective combination.

We also have stand-alone BodyTherm machines, the BodyTherm Professional 5 and BodyTherm Professional 3.

We recommend the use of the Cellulite Gel 1 and 2 in combination with the BodyTherm treatments.

This product will enhance the treatment of cellulite.

Is the machine safe?

Yes, our machines goes through strict quality control tests. We are CE accredited and our machines are manufactured to strict specifications within our ISO 13485 and 9001 quality management system.

As part of our design we also have electronic safety features that make our machines very safe to use.

I have joint problems; can I use your EMS machines.

Yes, our EMS machines do not put any strain on your joints, unlike a gym workout with high impact exercises.This is ideal for anyone with a joint problem or injury as well as older people wanting to keep their muscles toned without the risk of injury.

What type of feeling does the machine give you when you use the EMS pads?

The treatments are not painful. You will feel a tingling sensation at the beginning of the treatment and your muscle will contract and relax.  We recommend the first time you use the machine, you start off on a low setting to get used to the pulses. Once you have had a session you will then be confident to increase the pulse strength.

Is there any type of maintenance needed on the machines?

Our machines are of the highest quality. Your investment in our machines will give you peace of mind that your down time as a business tool will be extremely low or not at all. The EMS pads do have a life span and it depends on usage over time. On average a busy salon will replace their EMS pads every 3-5years.

Do the machines work worldwide?

Yes, we export machines to many countries around the world. We provide the machines in 220 v or 120 v models.

What type of training do I need to use Health Technology machines?

Our machines are supplied with a comprehensive instruction manual.If this is not adequate then we have training courses that you can attend (subject to area). We find that the instruction manual is adequate, if you are unsure contact our consultants.

How portable are the machines?

We supply a carry case with all our machines.  There is sufficient space in the case for the machine, pads, straps and gels.

Our XR8 model is our professional battery-operated machine. This machine works on both mains and battery and is designed for portability. The weight of this machine is only 3 kgs and is built into the carry case.