Microderm Face equipment for combined microcurrent and galvanic technology. Get face to face with your younger self.

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Microderm Face

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Have you ever woken up in the morning, looked at your mirror and thought: “today I want to revitalise my skin”? Signs of aging can make you feel unattractive. Our latest technology provides the means with which to reduce the appearance of ageing. If you’re wary of painful procedures, you’re in luck – the Microderm Face introduces the latest technology for a gentle, painless procedure. The microcurrent technology allows you to undergo a non-surgical procedure that is not unlike a facelift. It achieves this with a minor current that lifts and tones the facial muscles. The galvanic treatment works in a similar way, sending a small current trough the facial probes through the applied product. It reduces the product to small ions to facilitate more absorption into the skin for better results. The combination of a non-surgical facelift and galvanic treatments compliment each other to promote efficiency in achieving the desired results. The MicroDerm is suited for individuals from a wide range of age groups. Regardless of whether you want to minimize or simply prevent wrinkles for a while, the technology is perfectly suited to ensure that you stay looking as young as you feel. At Health Technology, our aim is to ensure you look like the very best version of yourself.