EMS pads, leads, wraps and other attachments. Ensure preparedness with our custom accessories to accompany your EMS and BodyTherm equipment.
R1,609.00 ZAR

Accessories & Spares

BodyTherm Heat Wrap – Body

R2,088.00 ZAR

Accessories & Spares

BodyTherm Heat Wrap – Leg Set

R2,226.00 ZAR
R2,130.00 ZAR

Accessories & Spares

Electro Facial Attachment

R850.00 ZAR

Accessories & Spares

Protective Eye Goggles – 2 Pack

R399.00 ZAR

Accessories & Spares

Infra-Red Replacement Tube

R2,750.00 ZAR

Accessories & Spares

Spray Bottle 1Litre 2 Pack

R140.00 ZAR

With our expansive range of machines, ensure that you have no shortage of appendages with our selection. Take your pick from a variety of pads, chords and wraps.  For your convenience, we also have a selection of trolleys and racks to store your equipment on, and reduce wire- and pad clutter with a range of pad racks, custom designed for whichever machine you need to use them with.  We have straps of all lengths so you needn’t look any further to be prepared for any circumstance, as well as spares for our Infra-Red heat lamp, individual golden electrode balls and discs as well as a spare kit of Microderm attachments. Get everything you need to get started with your journey using our world leading range of EMS treatment, heat wrap treatment, and non-surgical anti-aging treatment right here.