Body Wrap Treatments

Heat Wraps

Heat treatments are commonly known to relieve muscle and joint pain. By applying heat to the affected area, blood flow is stimulated, which increases the distribution of nutrients and oxygen and, in the process, promotes healing. This relaxes the rigidness in the muscles and decreases the pain in sore muscles.

Research revealed that, when doing strenuous exercises and increasing your blood flow, it improves your body’s ability to grab some of the stored fat cells on the way. In this way, by keeping your blood flow up, it can accelerate the body’s ability to become leaner. Since heat wraps have a core function of increasing blood flow, getting into shape is a much more achievable goal.

Compared to other types of wraps, heat wraps are definitely the most cost effective. Wraps such as herbal wraps and Neoprene wraps must be used with caution because of allergies and other adverse reactions. Doubling up on using an EMS machine as well as heat wraps can save you a lot of time, which is possible when using the Health Tech Duo Professional range.


Always use the EMS machines under the guidance of a salon therapist that is equipped or trained to use them. You cannot use EMS machines if you have a pace maker, and it is not suited for people who suffer from epilepsy. Like anything in life, when administering a treatment, make sure it is administered by a professional.

EMS Treatments

EMS Machines

How it works:

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Machines are designed to send a mild electric pulse to targeted muscles in order to elicit a contraction deep within the muscle fibres.

Normally, when we exercise, we only use a small portion of the muscle fibres within the muscle groups we are targeting. The electric current emitted by the EMS machine specifically targets the muscle fibres that otherwise lie dormant. This way, you get far better results out of your workout.

What it feels like:

The sensation can be described as a mild muscle contraction and as you progress through your treatment you can increase the intensity for better results.

Professional Body

10 Pad Professional

R7,000.00 ZAR

Professional Body

16 Pad Professional

R9,000.00 ZAR

Professional Body

24 Pad Professional

R13,000.00 ZAR

Professional Body

30 Pad Professional

R16,000.00 ZAR

Professional Body


R3,850.00 ZAR

Professional Body

24 Pad Professional Duo 3

R20,000.00 ZAR

Professional Body

24 Pad Professional Duo 5

R24,000.00 ZAR

Professional Body

30 Pad & Training COMBO

R5,000.00 ZARR16,000.00 ZAR

EMS Machines for Body Toning

EMS treatments were initially developed for both focused rehabilitation of muscles and to treat soreness in muscles and joints. It is also great for improving circulation and has been well adopted to be used in conjunction with regular exercise to achieve optimal results. Studies have shown that when incorporating EMS treatments into regular workouts, there have been remarkable results in losing inches around the waist, burning away stubborn belly fat, eliminating sub-surface fats and decreasing overall body fat percentage.

Using EMS machines will yield results, but at Health Technology we always promote an overall healthy lifestyle to yield long term results.

EMS Machines to Target Cellulite

Extended case studies revealed that one of the effects of EMS treatments was that it had the ability to target sub-surface fat deposits. Which is what cellulite is: the bumpy texture displayed by cellulite is due to a fatty build-up underneath the skin, divided into clusters and dispersed in targeted areas of the body – mainly the upper thighs.

Our 24 Pad Professional Duo 5 machine is designed to utilise both EMS technology and the BodyTherm heat function. By increasing body temperature and stimulating your muscles simultaneously, you can be sure that there will be results in inches lost.

With the combined effects of increasing blood flow and targeting dense fat cells, there has been note-worthy conclusions that regular use definitely minimises the appearance of cellulite.

EMS Machines to Improve Health

Improved circulation

One of the most widely recognised reactions to EMS treatments is increased blood flow. With this, it improves the body’s ability to distribute oxygen and nutrients to the organs and muscles more efficiently, which enhances their capacity to function.

Muscles and Joints

EMS treatments are often focused on relieving muscular and joint discomfort by strengthening and toning the muscles themselves, which in turn can support joints better. This cycle tends to relieve the pain in both muscles and joints.

Body Weight

Regular usage of the EMS machine, especially the Duo range, will improve muscle tone. Your muscles will get more stimulation and fat cells will be destroyed. This improves Body Mass Index (BMI) which in turn improves general health.

The 24 Pad Duo Professional Machine

This unique and innovative design combines the uses of BodyTherm heat wrap treatments and EMS technology to deliver an overall eradication of unwanted fats.


With 9 different computerised treatments to choose from, and the addition of 5 heat pads, you can be sure to receive a full body treatment that efficiently reduces the circumference of selected bodily areas – including heat wraps for the torso, thighs and arms or calves. With this unique technology, you have the opportunity to slim, tone and firm all the areas in your body that would’ve been impossible for you to work on in a busy daily life.


Your safety is our primary concern. Our thoroughly programmed equipment is designed to keep you safe and satisfied during usage. We have included safety features, time modes, LED display for you to keep track of, and a signal for the end of your session, all for your convenience.

Professional Heat

BodyTherm 5 & Training COMBO

R2,800.00 ZARR13,100.00 ZAR

Professional Heat

Infrared & Training COMBO

R2,800.00 ZARR9,900.00 ZAR

Professional Heat

BodyTherm Professional 5

R13,100.00 ZAR

Professional Heat

BodyTherm Professional 3

R11,200.00 ZAR

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