What is EMS?

You have probably seen EMS before but do not know what it does or how it can benefit you. EMS stands for electrotherapy muscle stimulation. It is a system that evokes your muscles to flex using electrical impulses.  The contractions can be set to be quick and frequent, or for several seconds at a time. Your body does not know the difference between a voluntary contraction or that achieved by electrical stimulation, it simply reacts according to the muscle being flexed. The sensation can be described as a mild muscle contraction.

EMS was originally created for muscle rehabilitation and physical therapy, but has been growing in popularity lately among athletes and trainers to be used in conjunction with exercise in strength training and it allows athletes and trainers to focus on specific areas to achieve the desired results.

The EMS machine stimulates the muscle to contract, the benefits from those contractions is where it becomes an effective body contouring and weight-loss tool. The benefits of electrotherapy muscle stimulation are:

  • With the electric stimulus offered by the machine, the increased blood flow delivers more oxygen to the muscles, which improves the strength and stamina of the muscles.
  • Reduces poor circulation and increases the removal of toxins from the area.
  • Reduces oedema (water retention).
  • EMS can be used to aid in muscle recovery of a muscular injury by strengthening and toning the muscles.
  • EMS is often used to relieve pained muscles and joints with multiple uses of the machines.
  • EMS re-educates muscles with poor muscle tone.
  • EMS firms body contours and assists with cm loss in specific areas.
  • EMS restores abdominal muscle tone after pregnancy.