Gel Combo – Electro Gel and Cellulite Gel 1 & 2

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Supplied in 250ml pump bottles:

Electro Gel 250ml

Cellulite Gel 1 – Lymph Drainage Formulation 250 ml

Cellulite Gel 2 – Fatty Deposit Eliminator 250 ml


Lymph Drainage Formulation

Cellulite Gel 1 contains herbal extracts with body contouring properties. This unique blend encourages effective lymph drainage, resulting in improved skin tone and elasticity.

As an additional benefit Cellulite Gel 1 also contains herbs that impart a pleasant sense of well-being. For optimal results, follow up with a course of Cellulite Gel 2, which helps to prevent fatty build-up.

To be used in conjunction with our BodyTherm Professional treatments.


Fatty Deposit Eliminator

Cellulite Gel 2 is a natural herbal formula that helps prevent build-up of stubborn fatty deposits in problem areas. For optimal results it should be introduced after completing a course of Cellulite formula 1.

To be used in the evening after a shower.



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