Conductive – Electro Gel 1 Litre

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Supplied in 1 Litre Pump Bottle, with various pack options.

Developed for EMS pads and Microcurrent devices.

Our conductive electro-gel is water based and is recommended to be used with our EMS pads and Microcurrent electrodes.   It provides good contact between the skin and the pad/electrode, thereby reducing skin resistance.

A high-quality conductive gel is crucial for electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) devices due to its pivotal role in facilitating efficient electrical conductivity between the electrodes and the skin. This gel ensures optimal transmission of electrical impulses, allowing for precise targeting of muscles and enhancing the effectiveness of the session. A good conductive gel not only promotes consistent and reliable stimulation but also minimizes discomfort or irritation often associated with direct skin contact with electrodes on the face or EMS pads on the skin. In essence, investing in a high quality conductive gel is essential for maximizing the benefits and performance of electronic muscle stimulation devices and Microcurrent devices.

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