Mistakes to Avoid When Delegating Work to Your Beauty Salon Staff

Delegating work

A key personality trait in most entrepreneurs is that they are hard-working individuals, which makes it hard for them to hand over the reins to someone else every now and then. Most of the time they are convinced that if they do not complete a certain task themselves, it will not be done right. The trouble is that these people often end up burnt out and left feeling frustrated and alone because they try to take on more than they can possibly handle.

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If this hits home for you, do not worry! We will be covering some basic points on how to delegate work to your beauty salon staff to promote efficiency and leave you feeling at ease.

Delegation is an invaluable skill. It strengthens your team as a whole because your employees are placed in situations where they must learn the practical side of things while you oversee them, ensuring that quality is up to standard and the collective level of service of your beauty salon increases.

In the interest of your own mental and physical health, it might be a good idea to examine some delegation myths and how to avoid them. Let’s look at the following…

“My Employees are too Busy to Do More Work.”

This situation can become a little tricky: on the one hand, you might be feeling grateful toward your employees for doing what needs to be done and weary of asking them to do more for fear of causing resentment and/or frustration. You are likely then to put the pressure on yourself instead so that they would not fail or quit.

The problem with this assumption is that, more often than not, you do not have all the information necessary to make an informed decision. Speak to your team to ensure that you have their support and ask them if they can handle more of the work. This way they will have a choice, and you could shirk some of the responsibility to one of your employees. Make sure that your employees are indeed as busy as you might think they are. You could even incentivize certain tasks to motivate your staff to work harder by their own accord.

“If I Want Something Done Right, I Have to Do it Myself.”

While there might be some truth to this, it is not a productive mindset to have as the owner of a salon. If you attempt to do everything yourself, where does that leave you? You will be left stuck, not being able to focus on growing your business, and that will leave your staff in the same position since they will not be able to grow themselves.

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Remember this valuable tip: Successful business owners spend their time working ON their business, not IN their business.

Investing in the people working in your beauty salon is the best solution to this predicament. They are your most valuable resources, and therefore nurturing them will do nothing but benefit you and your business. This investment does not have to be monetary, either. You can spend some time imparting your knowledge onto them so that, in future, they can handle the tasks you would otherwise have needed to cover.

“Delegating is Demeaning and Puts My Role at Risk.”

Delegation should be seen as a strength, not a weakness. Teaching your employees to do what you would have otherwise needed to do, does not only strengthen them as an asset to the company, but also frees up time you could spend doing more important tasks, such as marketing your business.

A high-performing team always starts with an empowering, motivating leader. The staff at your beauty salon will view you with renewed respect if you invest in them. When they are productive, it is a sign that you were a crucial part in the success of the services rendered.

Delegation doesn’t just mean putting all the work on your employees. It could mean getting yourself an assistant to handle the admin that does not exclusively need to be handled by you, so that you could spend more time being active within the beauty salon. While getting an assistant might appear arrogant on the face of it, it could make the business stronger as a whole. Each business is different and you will know what would work best for you.


It all starts with recognizing that delegation is not some setback or about getting work done as quickly as possible. It is, in fact, a priceless skill that could take your business to the next level. It is about building teams that have high performance and productivity levels.

Businesses cannot run effectively without careful and meticulous planning. Tasks that initially appear mundane are really essential fibers within the business that holds it together.


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Mistakes to Avoid When Delegating Work to Your Beauty Salon Staff

A key personality trait in most entrepreneurs is that they are hard-working individuals, which makes [...]