How to Deal with the Stress of being a Beauty Salon Owner

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Whether you’ve only just opened up your beauty salon, or you’re a few years into the journey, your mind must constantly be pulling you into a dozen different directions. Lack of sales, too many bills, insufficient cash flow, conflict with staff and problems with equipment are all common worries keeping business owners up at night.

These stressors will follow you. Truthfully there’s no real way to escape them entirely, but there are ways for you to manage them better so that they do not affect you as dramatically.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Personal Health

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It’s easy to forget about your health when you’re busy running around trying to stay on top of everything in and around your business. Eventually this will start to hinder your ability to lead the company as well as your potential allows which, in turn, could put your business at risk.

Many people are counting on you to lead them, so building a healthy, sustainable lifestyle is imperative. You can start by focusing on nutrition and carving some time into your schedule for a bit of exercise every day. These two simple habits will help you better manage the stress some company-related difficulties occur.

Recreational exercise and a healthy diet will ultimately result in higher quality sleep and higher energy levels so that you can tackle each day’s tasks more avidly.

These healthy habits also set an example for your employees. This should boost their creativity and efficiency in the workplace too. You can even take it a step further and introduce activities in the workplace. Such as a ping-pong table in the lunch room, breaks to do a few yoga stretches or walks around the block while brainstorming creative approaches to increasing efficiency in the workplace.

These fun, collective tactics are great ways to strengthen relationships between you and your staff, help both you and your staff manage stress and anxiety better, and ultimately benefit the company immensely.

Focus on the Positive

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Just take a step back from all the things that are lagging behind schedule, underfunded or require fixing. Remind yourself that there are things that are going right – think about everything you’ve achieved since you started your beauty salon. Count the milestones that you’ve overcome without neglecting even the smallest accomplishments.

If you feel you often need this as a reminder, you can print it out and put it somewhere you’ll see it periodically. This will keep the positive thoughts fresh in your mind all the time and make stress management far easier.

Take a Break Sometimes

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Kicking your feet up and taking a deep breath can do wonders for your mental state. Sometimes all your mind needs is to recharge a bit and actually get a chance to filter through everything that’s going on.

Going for a massage, keeping a gratitude journal, keeping scents like lavender and jasmine around, having a nice chat with someone you get along with well, doing some exercise, taking a hot bath and taking a power nap are all ways for you to keep your stress levels down.

Prioritize Everything That Needs to Be Done

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You could easily burn yourself out by trying to do a dozen things all at once. An easy way to organise this is to make a list of everything you need to do and rank them according to their importance. Start by doing the things at the top of the list first and tick them off once they have been completed.

Be careful not to become overwhelmed by the things you need to complete, but rather focus on the tasks one by one. Pretty soon, you’ll reach the end of the list, then you can welcome the wash of relief!


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Having your own business and employees to take care of can take a lot out of someone. It comes with long nights, early mornings and often no weekends or holidays. It can put a substantial amount of strain on your body, which is why it’s imperative that healthy habits like the ones mentioned above are a part of your daily routine.

Talking about your worries with someone can also help by aiding the processes and filtering of whatever you’re telling the other person – you can often give yourself advice by telling someone else what the problem is. It will also help to prevent those thoughts from dominating your mind and causing you stress.

Staying on top of your anxiety doesn’t have to be a difficult task.


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