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If you have ever wondered why it appears to be more likely for women to fall victim to cellulite as opposed to their male counterparts, allow biology to explain: while men have thicker skin and store their subcutaneous fat further below the top layer of skin, women’s skin is thinner and the fat gets stored almost directly underneath the top layer of skin.

This is why a lot of water, body-brushing and sweat-inducing burnouts will often seem not to yield results. These fat cells need to be targeted directly. Experts have stated that, in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, specific treatments are required for the appearance of cellulite to be diminished.

cool sculpting


Also known as CoolSculpting, is a non-invasive procedure commonly used as an alternative to liposuction. It involves the targeted application of a device that uses low temperatures to eliminate stubborn fat cells.

The procedure would be best suited for you if you are suffering from stubborn fat, but don’t feel like turning to a scalpel to solve the problem. Other than leaving a cold feeling on your skin, Cryolipolysis does not leave any long-lasting side effects. It is performed in a shorter amount of time than surgery, and the surrounding skin is preserved.

Furthermore, you don’t need ‘downtime’ after the procedure. It’s said to work to remove the unwanted fat in your specified problem area and you can continue with your day as usual as soon as the procedure is over.

However, as with weight loss surgery, you will be required to follow a healthy diet and exercise regime. While Cryolipolysis attempts to remove half of the unwanted fat cells in the target area, it does cannot ensure that the removed fat will not return. This can only be achieved by keeping up a healthy lifestyle going forward.

Contouring Marine Body Wrap

This treatment combines a multitude of highly regarded ingredients which are specifically designed to target fat cells within the deepest layers of the skin.

After performing a sequence of specified massaging techniques, a contouring body gel gets applied to the target area. Herbs and other ointments that are renowned for their aid in metabolism are then applied to assist in the maintenance of a healthy weight and to tone, sculpt and strengthen the skin. This minimises the appearance of cellulite and also increases blood circulation.

The concoction of herbal remedies helps to keep skin smooth while decongesting any areas where cellulite is prominent, as well as stimulating the hormonal system within the body. This helps to maintain skin tissue.

Detox Massage / Lymphatic Drainage

Simply put, the lymphatic system is a filtration system within the body that circulates and rids the body of excess toxins, bacteria and water. A lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the glands to get the lymph flowing more efficiently, unclogging pores along the way.

This deeply relaxing massage stimulates blood circulation, which gives a boost to the lymph glands to remove waste material, cleaning the body in the process.

One of two methods is used when undergoing the procedure – either a manual hand massage or the use of suction cups. Both offer the same results, but the manual massage is gentler on the muscle tissue underneath the skin.

Salt Scrub

For this procedure, your massage therapist will use Himalayan salt for the procedure. This is because the pinkish salt’s pH balance is much closer to that of our bodies than most other coarse salts. It encourages a healthy balance between acidity and alkalinity in your body.

beauty salt scrub treatment

While the Himalayan salt does most of the work, the massage therapist might also incorporate some essential oils that will assist in the rejuvenation of the skin – this could include sweet orange, geranium, rosewood and clary sage. All of these herbs are also known to detoxify the skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite and even prevent muscle cramps.

Frequest salon goers tend to favour salt scrubs, because of its remarkable results. It’s also known to give you a good night’s sleep the night after the treatment.

Heat wraps and EMS Technology

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