Wearable Tech for Healthy Habits in Busy Individuals

Wearable Tech Fitness Health

In this digital age we live in, we’re able to track everything we do and perform tasks more conveniently than ever before, with the help of all the revolutionary innovations materialising on an almost daily basis.

Devices that we can keep on our person have even more merit. They make all the things we don’t have time for anymore, conveniently easy to include.

3 Ways Wearable Tech Can Help

When you’re swamped at work with ten more deadlines to meet than what’s humanly possible, you don’t have time to think about eating healthy or to squeeze some much-needed exercise into your busy day. File those ambitions under “L” for Luxuries. However, as the saying goes; don’t work hard, work smart – there are smarter ways to do things. Such as investing in smart gear that pair well with your smart phone. Wearable technology makes it possible for you to stay on top of the important things that often takes a backseat, such as your health!

smart watch improve diet

1. Improve Your Diet

Avoiding Allergens
Wearable devices can be a great help in managing various health conditions – among other things, your allergies.

Wearable bracelets, such as Aibi, can track the histamine levels in youngsters in order to determine possible anaphylaxis, which can then be sent as a warning signal to parents/caregivers by means of their smartphones. Some even come with a function to inject the youngster with Benadryl automatically if they go into anaphylactic shock.

There are various other, similar devices, such as AllergyAmulet, which can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet. It comes with test strips that you can use to check your food for allergens.

Tracking and improving your calorie intake – My Fitness Pal; Tellspec Food Scanner
Time-consuming tasks like documenting everything you eat and determining the calories as well as the fat, protein and carb value of each meal becomes much more manageable when you invest in wearable technology that assist you in simplifying these onerous tasks.

If you want to opt for a less costly option, MyFitnessPal is a free mobile app or online feature you can use to record your calorie intake. You can choose meal ingredients from a huge database or make use of the built-in diet plan catered to your weight-loss or health goals.

For a more sophisticated alternative, Tellspec Food Scanner is a spectrometer which you can connect to a mobile app. It inspects and monitors your calorie intake, as well as the macronutrients and glycaemic load in your meals.

2. Meet Your Fitness Goals

Fitness trackers have evolved from simple heart monitors and calorie counters into devices that can track a huge amount of insightful data around your food intake and workout routines. Some of these devices allow you to share your progress with your friends who own similar devices, turning solo workouts into social events.

Most of today’s wearable fitness trackers are equipped with the following functions:

  • Step counters to monitor the distance you physically travel during the day.
  • Heart monitors to tell you your heart rate.
  • Calorie counters for tracking your calories consumed as well as your calories burned each day.
  • Exercise trackers that tell you how many calories you’ve burned while exercising.
  • Sleep monitors that inform you of the quality of your sleep.
  • Goal setting to notify you when you have passed a milestone.
  • Connectivity to enable the device to pass data via the internet to track and store your progress.
fun exercise

Fitbit; Nike Fuelband SE; Polar Loop
Depending on the amount you want to spend, these devices can come with a lot of different features in addition to the standard fitness tracking features. They also come with customization options relating to the colour of your device as well as whether you want a wristband or a belt clip.

More advanced tech like the Jawbone is said to examine your fitness information and provide you with insights and suggestions aligned to your health and fitness goals.

Virtual Reality Apps – Pokémon Go
Who could forget the hype around Pokémon Go in 2016. Apps like it encourage people to walk around outside by making the world around them an augmented playground.

3. Daily Struggles

Aid with Eye Fatigue
The downside of the digital age is that most of us are staring into a computer screen for the majority of the day. This can put a lot of strain on your eyes. Luckily, there are apps you can download on your smartphone – such as EyeLeo – that offers exercises for your eyes and resting periods at timed intervals during your day.

Posture Enhancers
Lower back pain can ensue from permanent seated positions, and carpal tunnel is the result of our hands always being on a computer mouse. Devices such as the LumoLift reminds you to sit up straight with a gentle vibration whenever it detects that you are slouching. This can improve your posture and, by extension, increase your confidence and comfort while working.

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