3 Healthy Habits Every Busy Person Should Adopt

healthy habits to adopt

Most people tend to approach health and fitness with an all-or-nothing attitude. While you have a break from your insane amount of tasks and deadlines, you go full vegan and do burn-outs at the gym. However, as soon as the pressure gets turned up again, all of those commitments subside with a promise to yourself that you’ll pick up the healthy habits again when you’re not so busy.

Not only is this a very unreliable way to stay healthy, it’s also not very good for your body. Instead, look for simpler ways to keep yourself healthy. It doesn’t have to include such extreme approaches to nutrition and fitness. The key is consistency above all else.


It’s not entirely necessary to live on salads and tiny portions. Below are a few ways to ensure you eat healthy without spending too much time cooking.

Meal Prep

Planning what you eat is an important part of healthy living. When you set aside only one day of the week to make your lunches, it eliminates the need to try and scramble up a healthy meal in your already full schedule.

You can batch-cook meals and keep it in the fridge for easy access. Easily decreasing your work load during the week.

Alternatively, you can pay a visit to the frozen food aisle at your local grocery store and grab a couple of easy-to-cook packets of frozen veggies or rotisserie chicken.

Emergency Snacks

When you get a sudden pang of hunger, it’s easy to reach for a packet of crisps or a fizzy drink. To get rid of this pesky habit, you can simply keep a small stash of healthier options in your desk drawer. Such as a packet of nuts or protein bars.

This will keep you going until lunch or dinner time without adding too many calories or unhealthy ingredients in the process.

Simple Food Swaps

There are dozens of ways you can easily eliminate extra calories from your diet, such as having less sugar in your coffee, cutting down on the fizzy drinks and having a bunless burger.

You could also go for almond milk instead of dairy, spices instead of sauces and tacos instead of pizza. The possibilities are endless, and the difference will be remarkable.


While your eating habits are what will make the real difference in how you look, it’s always good to get your muscles moving to keep them strong. This especially applies if you have a desk job that doesn’t allow you to move around much during the day.

Full-body workouts

Crunching in a high intensity workout that targets all the major muscle groups could be an efficient way for you to get them all working without sacrificing too much of your time. 20-minute sessions of Highe Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a great way to start.

Simple habits

If you don’t have very little time to set aside before or after work, why not get moving during work?

You can start with the most common, often overlooked way of excising at work: taking the stairs instead of the elevator.


Your lifestyle is the most underrated health factor. While eating and moving healthily is of course very important, there are other things that are absolutely essential. Such as making sure you get enough sleep and leisure time.

Quality Sleep

Sacrificing your sleep in the name of some unfinished work is not good for your health. Depriving yourself of sleep can affect your mood and concentration poorly, which will not bode well during working hours.

Always ensure that you get sufficient shut-eye. This will prevent sugar cravings in an attempt to stay awake, which will do wonders for your waistline.

Weekends with Family and Friends

If you didn’t get any time to work out during the week, then some quality time with your loved ones might be just what you need.

Playing with your kids or hanging out with your friends and doing something physical will be great for your physique, but also for your overall mental and emotional health.

Stress Less

People underestimate how stress affects them. Not only does it affect your mood, quality of life and concentration, it also influences your appetite – the more you stress, the more you crave eating. Think “stress eating”, it’s a real thing. Stress can also negatively influence the way the body processes calories. So practice hitting the reset button in your head when it feels like a pressure cooker. Take a few deep breaths, count backwards from ten and remind yourself that you are in charge and nothing can alter your mood unless you allow it to.

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