7 Places to Go on Holiday and Still Stay Fit

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It’s not common for us to associate holidays and fitness workouts. While boot camps still exist for people who just want to elude their modern lives, they are not the only fitness holiday options available.

Put your money where your mouth is by going on a holiday that includes an exercise element. Commit to going on that hike, visiting that surfing spot or fitness retreat that you have been promising yourself you would. Choosing one of the following holiday spots will kick-start your healthy lifestyle.

bintan island

Bintan Island

Between the Laguna Bintan Golf Club and the Ria Bintan Golf Club, Bintan Island is golfing paradise. To spare your wallet, you need not go to these luxury courses. There are 4 other spectacular ones to choose from.

Golfing is only one of many other activities to choose from. Body boarding, windsurfing and long boarding are enjoyed by many from November to March since the north-eastern winds give the ocean surface the perfect swells. Alternatively, the calm waters from April to October are perfect for jet skiing, water skiing, diving and snorkeling.

If water sports aren’t your thing you can  more outdoor activities include paintball and air rifle shooting in resorts at the Nirwana Gardens and Bintan Lagoon. Fancy seeing majestic elephants? Visit the Bintan Elephant Park. The elephants are trained to perform adorable tricks and you can also interact with them and learn about them.

Big Sky Yoga Retreats

If you take a deep breath, close your eyes and calm your thoughts, which thought is the most prominent in your mind? To escape from it all? You got it!

That being said, the trip does not publicise itself as an escape, but rather a place you can go to for personal growth and to cultivate and nurture a deeper connection with yourself. Just imagine the feeling you have after a good yoga session – vigorous
energising, restored and relaxed.

The retreat incorporates many different styles of yoga. Meticulously putting together programs to provide you with the strongest benefits of the practice.

yoga retreat
bikini workout

Amansala Bikini Bootcamp

This retreat started as a place where people could come and find people who, like them, were looking for similar experiences.

Experiences such as each day starting with the participants writing in their journals to reflect on their thoughts and then doing stretches on the beach. Followed by a walk on the beach, a workout and a one-hour power walk. Finally this is concluded with either a high-intensity cardio session, yoga, salsa dancing or African/belly-dancing. What an array of interesting activities, right?

After this action-packed morning gets, the participants have the option to sit in on an insightful session of meditation or an educational presentation about local culture, the area, or general nutritional information.

Beaches in Zanzibar

If you think the Tough Mudder is hard then you haven’t been on the Wildfitness package retreat to Zanzibar, Tanzania. Various activities will keep you looking your best for a long time to come – from toned arms and abs from doing log-lifting, to building beautifully sculpted legs from running on sand dunes.

If this level of intensity seems a little intimidating to you, there are many other activities to partake in, in Zanzibar to reach your holiday fitness goals.

If you want to slow things right down, snorkeling at Mnemba Aatoll, or sailing with the locals might be the right fit for you. There’s always the chance of spotting dolphins and many species of fish – not to mention taking in the beautiful sight of the colourful coral.

zanzibar beach
kite surfing

Kite Surfing in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic in the heart of the Caribbean is a well-known destination for kite-surfing. The length and width of the beaches in Carabete are perfect for beginners and advanced “kiters” alike. The temperature in the Republic is pleasant most of the year, with winds that are somewhat stronger from June to August.

There are various academies and schools where, if you are a first-time kiter, you can learn from the best. The instructors are known for their friendliness and relaxed style of teaching.

The Ranch at Live Oak

Get off the grid and back to nature while improving your health and fitness. Here, the more commonly chosen program is the ‘No Options’ Low Impact program, where your time will be spent doing constant activities, although the intensity of these activities are very low.

From morning stretches to group hikes, core and ab work, weight training classes, water classes, daily massages, group yoga and stretching – you are guaranteed to shed those unwanted pounds, build physical endurance, tone up and detoxify in a healthy and sustainable manner.

hikinh lady
canadian moutains

Canadian Mountains

With 12 or more expeditions to choose from, the Canadian mountain ranges are a must for anyone looking for a getaway from modern life.

Myriads of campsites and lakeside trails await, staring into the mind-blowing turquoise waters or taking in the magnitude below from the top of the summits.

Long hikes in these mountain ranges are sure to boost your fitness levels and overall health. Needless to say, the sigh seeing alone makes it a life-changing experience!

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